dinsdag 28 juli 2009

tissue box holder

at every floor of our house we have several tissue boxes, just because I think it's handy to have them around, but I don't like the look of these boxes. So again I used the plastic balcony-wind stopper-material left-over (don't know how to call it, so I added a picture hopefully that explains ;-) to make a simple box holder. measure, fold the corners, stich and cut of the edges, stich an elastic cord on the bottom and cut out an oval hole in the upper side....et voila!

maandag 27 juli 2009

felt dots

a lot of dots a lot of work...but finally it's done and for sale in Zoetermeer ;-).

zondag 26 juli 2009


last year good friends of our got married by the sea. I made them this litho for their first anniversary. I added a poem from Hans and Monique Hagen from " ik zie lichtjes in je ogen". I love their poems, they mostly write for children. We celebrated their first anniversary in the park, with lovely music, champagne and of course the top of their wedding cake, it was a lovely day.
This is the poem I choose (sorry it's in dutch):

Zoute Zee

de wind
waait wappers in mijn haren
de wind
waait golven in de zee
ik ga in een bootje varen
en de wallevis gaat mee

de wind
de wallevis en ik
wij gaan op vakantie
en jij mag met ons mee
als ik je op het strand zie
daar bij de zoute zee

kom niet te laat
de wind
die kan niet wachten
kom voordat je slapen gaat
en neem je zwmband mee
dan gaan we zeven nachten
zwerven over zee

Hans & Monique Hagen

dinsdag 21 juli 2009


A good friend of mine gave me a first real assignment. She needed a few gifts and asked me to make them! I felt very honored. pink owl and guitarman rattle are two of the lucky ones. And last but not least I started selling my products in a lovely store in Zoetermeer, called "in en om". She sells beautiful products, I especially like the brand ferm. This month 101 woonideeen will do an article on her shop. I'm also thinking of starting a little shop on my blog soon....

maandag 20 juli 2009

too small...

.....but perfect. Remember I showed pictures of the making of a very large bag for a friend of mine? I made a big mistake to put it in the washing machine, to speed up the process...well that's what it certainly did...a bit too much. Anyway, the felt fabric was way to thick to sew on my own machine. So I got help from a friend of my sisters, he makes leather bags, and he sew my felt bag and attached the beautiful leather handles. I'm so happy with the result!! Unfortunately I had to give it away, but Anne was very happy with my gift...two happy people ;-))

donderdag 16 juli 2009

cowboy treasure bag

Because the boys are going away for a few days to opa and oma I made Stije a bag to take his most precious possessions, favorite cuddly toy, little light etc. etc. Jilles already had an "in space" bag. Now Stije is the proud owner of his own cowboy bag..
Now Roel and I have loads of time to clear out the house. It clears up my mind as well..... For weeks I lived not only with my boys in one house but also with construction workers, loved what they did to our house but also love it now they are gone...

donderdag 9 juli 2009


I have a fascination for felt (for those who didn't notice it on my blog ;-)) I love the feeling of it. the process of felting. the becoming of something new. This one is called the Davida purse...because I made it for her ;-))

maandag 6 juli 2009

3d felting

yesterday I took a 3d felting course. Anneke from vanvilt taught us a lot of new technics. I can't show the result yet because it is still in progress....

zondag 5 juli 2009

stars and stripes

We have never celebrated the fourth of july, but yesterday we spend the day with friends from Washington, so we were lucky to be part of this festivity. They came over for a holiday in Langweer. we had a lovely day, good sailing weather and the boys loved being on the water. Unfortunately I forgot my camera, but at least back home I caught the creativity of Jilles with his stars and stripe window stickers on camera. Stije enjoyed waving the little flag (with lights in it!!)...

donderdag 2 juli 2009

little constructor

I went upstairs to put Stije in bed for a little nap and when I came down Jilles made this amazing contruction...love it