donderdag 30 april 2009

bizarre queensday

today was suppose to be a happy queensday, but an attack to our royal family during the festivities, turned the day in an odd queensday. I made this brooch to cheer up my outfit, because I don't own any orange clothing...

woensdag 29 april 2009


A while ago I made my husband an ipod case. And guess what.....this weekend he said to me: " I love the case you made me, but it can use some improvements, for example an opening for the buttons etc etc... pretty demanding, don't you think? But of course I decided to do something with this criticism and make my love a new ipod case.

maandag 27 april 2009


Holiday started, so I have more time with the boys but less me-time. I managed to make these postcards, very simple, just a piece of "left-over" felt and a pencil.

vrijdag 24 april 2009

3 minutes

I ordered free business cards (not that I do any business), but people kept asking my blog address, so I decided to do it this way. Because they were very boring I decorated them with (of course ;-))) felt. In just 3 minutes (seriously!) I made this simple felt bag to protect the cards, I was surprised about the result, just fold, stitch the sides and stitch a cord on it..

donderdag 23 april 2009

under construction

At the moment I am making this felt bag. It want it to turn out big, so it's a lot of work...but I'm going strong...
Bought a lot of new colors wool, love the way they look before felting.

woensdag 22 april 2009

first babyshower

Yesterday I had my first baby-shower.... She's is expecting a girl, so I made this pink bird with a little sound in it. I love how the silver feet turned out, but it took me a lot of effort to make them, so I think this bird is unique and will stay the one and only of his kind.

vrijdag 17 april 2009

magnetic felt

A friend gave me a package of printable magnetic sheets (thanks Anne). I tried to print it, but that didn't work very well. So I decided to do an experiment and combine it with felt. It's very easy and I tried to make a little tutorial.
All you need is, some felt fabric, a pattern you like, glue (I used photo glue, because I didn't have anything else at the time, but I think it's better to use, general glue or textile glue, nevertheless the result with photo glue was o.k.). Just glue a little piece of felt on the magnetic sheet and cut out the form...ready is your felt magnet!

donderdag 16 april 2009

beads keychain

Since I made so many wool beads, it was time to experiment a little bit. The keychain is the result. I'm still figuring out how to knot it in different ways, to make some variations.

dinsdag 14 april 2009

leave print

I printed this fabric a long time ago and didn't found a destination for it yet. yesterday the weather inspired me to make this beach bag. I think I will have to add a button, can test it today, because the weather is going to be great. beach here we come...

donderdag 9 april 2009

mixing and matching

what is it that makes fabrics so addictive?? Just love to play with the mixing and matching...

woensdag 8 april 2009


Every wednesday we felt together in the studio of a friend. It's so much fun and a lot of beautiful things are made. Last wednesday I didn't have much inspiration so I made these felt beads. Hope this wednesday will be better..

dinsdag 7 april 2009

japanese flower

At last I made a pattern from one of my new japanese books. It's a nice and simple pattern, if anyone is interested I can make a tutorial...just leave a message.

maandag 6 april 2009

preparing for easter 2

needle felted this eastergarland to give the house some extra easterfestivity...

preparing for easter

Instead of the eggs, my boys painted the activity and very nice result to cheer up the eastertable.

donderdag 2 april 2009

In space

Tried to make a larger basket, but it turned out to big. Think I have to decrease it a little. I used the silver fabric but it is difficult to sew.

woensdag 1 april 2009


another baby is born. I made her her own birthday garland. Love to combine the different fabrics. Welcome sophie!