zondag 31 januari 2010

first time

Yesterday I gave a workshop for the first time at my place. I was a bit nervous. The ladies were very talented and we had a lovely time. Great to see the result of their hard work.

dinsdag 26 januari 2010

flamengo for the weekend

someone saw the flamengo bag on my website and asked if I perhaps could make something like it, but with the size of an overnight bag. luckily I had another piece of embroidery with a flamengodancer, which was also much bigger. I love it when things just come together. Hope she likes her new bag.

zaterdag 23 januari 2010

lex and dex

a good friend just gave birth to a twin. she asked me to make two puppets, colourfull and happy, so we sat together and came up with these two fellows. she called the boys lex and dex before birth. I feel so honored, she used lex and dex for the card! I love how it turned out, she did a great job. Welcome Kasper and Ruben.

dinsdag 19 januari 2010

house search

It's been quiet, too quiet...that's because we sold our house..which is a good thing, but it also makes me a little nervous because that means we have to find another house real soon. So I spend my days behind the computer searching for houses and driving around for a first look. today I visited 15 houses (no joke), so enough real estate agents for me for this week....I hope we will find our dream house soon.

dinsdag 12 januari 2010

for pien

a friend asked me to make something for her niece. She is in hospital for a major surgery. Hope she likes her present and she doing well.

woensdag 6 januari 2010

girl with the hat bag

before I got ill I made this bag. I still love combining the embroideries, it always surprises me which colors light up.

dinsdag 5 januari 2010

my three kings

It's been quiet on my blog because I've been ill last week. While I was in bed, Roel went to a special event for kids to celebrate three kings day. The boys looked so cute when they came home, my three (!) kings. Oh yes...and ofcourse I want to wish everybody a healthy and happy 2010!