maandag 31 januari 2011

matching fruit

As said it's been quiet on my blog but not quiet in my little studio. I made these matching bags from one large fruity embroidery. a little zipper bag to use in the larger bag.


a friend asked me to make him a very simple felt cover for his ipad. He liked it so mission completed. and I discovered that 3 mm felt (so 6 mm when you sew them together) is easy to sew on your machine, good to know for other projects.

a lot

it has been quiet on my blog, but it's not been quiet in my live. in two months we will be moving to stockholm! I'm very excited about it. we just found a nice house near the new school of our boys (stupid me, I forgot to take pictures of the house, I must have been too excited).
so a lot to arrange. I'm trying to throw away a lot of stuff so we don't have to move so much. It doesn't only clean up the house but also my head. and last but definitely not least, stije will turn four friday! he will go to a dutch school for 2 months and then of course start in sockholm. He's very excited about it and today is his last day in peuterspeelzaal (don't know the correct translation for hat). We made these treats together and for his very humble party (he only invited two friends ;-)) I made the invitations (zakje feest).

dinsdag 4 januari 2011

red and blue

I made these very simple felt flowers for a workshop I gave for a little girls party. she turned 8. Unfortunately I was to busy helping the girls that I forgot to take pictures. the flowers are very easy to make, first make a flat round piece of felt, don't felt it too much, make the stalk, but don't felt the end were you want to attach it to the round piece. attach them together and felt it by hand.