zondag 26 oktober 2008


Last week I had to visit the designweek for work, because we opened an exibition. I had the chance to visit a few other exibitions. It always gives me inspiration.
I like the comic approach in the first pictures and love the fabrics and colors in the other collage.

vrijdag 24 oktober 2008

personal cupcakes

Yesterday our colleague David suprised us with homemade cupcakes! He made them very personal with our names and because all the ladies are on a diet he made them low sugar and low fat! They were delicious.

donderdag 23 oktober 2008


I went to "dolfinarium" in Harderwijk with Jilles en Tibbe (friend of Jilles) and we had a great day! The boys loved watching the animals, but the playground with the wooden ship was also very popular.

zaterdag 18 oktober 2008

cup of tea

This very nice marimekko tea cup is a gift of a good friend. love the size and the print! Stije is also very fond of the cup, he keeps calling the red detail a ladybug!

vrijdag 17 oktober 2008

new blanket

In one month Jilles becomes 4. He is very attached to a blanket I made him when I was pregnant. The fabrics I used for that blanket were very "baby-like". So I asked him if I should make him a new blanket for bigger boys, he was very enthusiastic, but I had to promise him I used the soft fabric (flanel) again for this new blanket. So I did, this is the result. I also made a big bag which he can use for his nightlight and dog, to take with him when he stays over with 'opa' and 'oma'.

dinsdag 14 oktober 2008

autumn 2

I've never seen more beautiful red and white mushrooms, the shape, color, they were just perfect. Unfortunatly I forgot my camera. I was in the forest with a friend and his new born son Tristan, he suprised me with this picture made with his new I phone. I just discovered felting with a needle, this is my first project, it's more easy than wet felting! so I'm enthusiastic..

maandag 13 oktober 2008

work in progress

working on it, but my velocity isn't how it used to be these days...hope it will be back again.

zondag 12 oktober 2008

new old cars

Today Jilles got some cars from our very friendly neighbour's son (who is a grown up boy). It was a really nice suprise! and Jilles is very happy with his "new" collection of colorfull cars. and for the experts the collection consisted some really nice tonka and siku cars. Tonka is a nice and durable brand but hard to get these days.

zaterdag 11 oktober 2008


Love this time of year, to sense and smell the change of seasons. Playing in the wood is still favorite. Today we really enjoyed the autumn sun.
It's been a while since I post on my blog, because our computer broke down and it took a while since we could download pictures, but now i'm back on track..


I lost a lot of weight because of my illness. Since I love chocolate everybody is spoiling me with the most lovely chocolates. Roel brought me some really nice bars from new zealand, almost art. I think I will manage to gain some weight..