dinsdag 25 juni 2013


my sister found this lovely embroidery in belgium. a friend saw it and fell in love with it. In between the preparing for the moving and the bookpresentation I made her this small shoulder bag in exchange for some closets (which we really need, because our new house doesn't have any build in closets...) good swap, right?

donderdag 20 juni 2013

het stoere zelfmaakboek voor jongens (en meiden)

yes, so great I can finally share this with you! Kristel and I have written a book about crafting for boys. It is published by ploegsma and will be in stores end of june. we have been doing a lot of outdoor playing for the book. most of the times the boys loved it (of course ;-) but sometimes the posing and waiting for the right picture was no fun. thank you, my lovely boys, couldn't have done it without you! and thanks kristel for doing this together with me!

maandag 3 juni 2013

wood and felt

oke...much going on in my life right now. we just found out that we have to move (this summer!!) we will stay in sweden, but will have to find another house here....and since we already made plans for the summer it is quite a challenging thing! we will work it out, but I needed a small project to clear my mind. made this necklace for a friend's birthday. combined wooden beats with felt.