donderdag 16 juli 2009

cowboy treasure bag

Because the boys are going away for a few days to opa and oma I made Stije a bag to take his most precious possessions, favorite cuddly toy, little light etc. etc. Jilles already had an "in space" bag. Now Stije is the proud owner of his own cowboy bag..
Now Roel and I have loads of time to clear out the house. It clears up my mind as well..... For weeks I lived not only with my boys in one house but also with construction workers, loved what they did to our house but also love it now they are gone...

3 opmerkingen:

kiki zei

My son would also love such a bag!
Happy day,

Peta @ Pippiwillow zei

What a lovely little bag - I bet Stije is packing loads of goodies in it ready for his trip.
I understand what you mean about clearing out the house in relation to having a clear head. I always feel much calmer and quieter when I can see the floor and the toys are in their baskets! Peta

Simone zei

Leuke zak heb je gemaakt en nog veel meer mooie dingen maak je!
En je tutorial ga ik ook proberen!
Dank je wel!