woensdag 28 september 2011


a few weeks ago I went to a "loppis". it's a fleemarket, where people park their cars in a row, open their trunks and start selling. very entertaining to go to. I found some lovely stuff there. this nice fabric and some origami paper and also a lovely linnen sort of napkin from jobs (not the one from apple and it's not on the picture, sorry) with a print of smultronet. This week i was in a beautiful souvenir shop, with all kinds of handmade scandinavian products and there it was, my smultronet napkin for over 20 euros!! my neighbor surprised me with lovely scandinavian mittens, which I didn't buy and felt very sorry for, so sweet of her!

dinsdag 27 september 2011

first birthday workshop

today i did my first birthday workshop and i am so happy because it was a big hit. It was fun preparing the workshop. I did some experiments with a heart punch and a butterfly punch. the girls made two things, cards and hangers from paper cut outs and a felt flower. they really enjoyed making the felt flower, playing with water and soap made it very interesting.


i love to wrap presents. thanks to the lovely magazine flow, it's made very easy. the magazine has such beautiful prints! I made a felt iphone cover (forgot to take a picture before wrapping ;-) for a swedish friend and added some dutch sweets (muisjes and haagse hopjes).

vrijdag 23 september 2011


the boys have two days off now, so we decided to go to the naturhistorisk museet in stockholm, only 8 km from our house! it was a beautiful museum full of inspiration and the boys loved it! I was amazed by the piece of art they made out of insects..

vrijdag 2 september 2011

leftover bracelets

I saw this nice idea at vlijtig (she got it from between the lines) and i liked it so much, that I started experimenting as well. I made one with buttons and one only with dmc thread and one small bead. It's a fun way of making bracelets.