donderdag 26 april 2012

sweden embroidery

i haven't been doing much this week since they have removed my wisdom tooth last friday, was forgotten how much it hurts. and today the surgeon reminded me i am not 20 anymore. He said it takes more time considering my age, thanks for reminding me! I didn't have much energy and spirit to do something. a friend (who is leaving sweden to live in canada) asked me to make something with this lovely swedish embroidery. She was very happy with the result! that's the good news. the leaving part makes me a little sad.

woensdag 18 april 2012


Roel made this really beautiful campaign for work. They worked with a designer of ittala. I loved it and had the posters already for a while. He asked me to help him think of something to give some of his employees as a bonus. I suggested to make envelopes out of the poster to pack their little gift. I used this very easy tutorial.


we have spoiled ourselves really a lot lately. this time we went for some warmer wheater to egypt. we had a lovely week, with lots of sun, fun and swimming. stije even went snorkeling in the reef and saw the most amazing fish, so proud of him. they both got a henna tattoo and nothing could make them more happy...hmmm...let's see when they will be bigger and one day come home and show me their real tattoo, don't want to think of that yet ;-)

maandag 2 april 2012


friday I did a workshop for 18 girls! it was a birtday party of 3 girls turning 9. I was lucky I had good helping hands, thanks eleanor and noor! I made the birthday girls a small bag out of one embroidery. they told me they enjoyed the party very much...good to hear! and in the end we had 18 happy girls going home with each a felt flower! unbelievable it worked out fine with such a big group ;-)) and the day after we had a dinner party at our place with 12 people...this sure was a weekend of big numbers ;-))