donderdag 9 juli 2009


I have a fascination for felt (for those who didn't notice it on my blog ;-)) I love the feeling of it. the process of felting. the becoming of something new. This one is called the Davida purse...because I made it for her ;-))

4 opmerkingen:

Tania zei

Nooooooo? Really? Honestly I never would have thought it! All hail the Felty Queen!

Peta @ Pippiwillow zei

ME too, me too , me too! I love messing about with felt & seeing what I can create. Your friend is very lucky indeed to receive such a great gift, it is lovely. Peta

Davida zei

Her friend IS very lucky -- both because she has Floortje as a friend AND because I now have had several things made for me, this last one being a favorite! There's nothing I love more than showing off my Dutch friend's talent (and her "Flora" label) to my American friends!

lisette zei

Nee, echt???? hihihi.. Het scheelt ook wel dat je er mega goed in bent!
Deze is ook weer zo mooi!
En ja, doen we een, swappen!! Lijkt me heel leuk. Zullen we wel doen als we richting einde van de vakantie gaan? Nu is het zo druk.