maandag 25 augustus 2008

one line

I always wanted to make a piece of ceramic with only one line, it's a quite stupid wish, but somehow I never made the right piece of ceramic for it, now I finally succeded and I am happy with the result. how simple can life be..

zondag 24 augustus 2008

little girl

Florien is born, she is the daughter of a friend. Her eldest son is born on the same day as my youngest, even almost at the same time, so amazing! I made Florien a bag with her name, so she can put in al her girly stuff.

woensdag 20 augustus 2008


By Pina. Here are the Tag rules:
Link to the person who tagged you (i.e. me). Post the rules on your blog. Write 6 random things about yourself. Tag 6 people (in my case four, because i'm quite new in blogland ;-) at the end of your post and link to them. Let each person you have tagged know by leaving a comment on their blog. Let the tagger (me) know when your entry is posted.

1. I can't walk out a fabric store without buying a fabric
2. I 'm addicted to "stroopwafels" (essepcially the karamel ones from Albert Heijn, how dutch!).
3. I love white flowers
4. since I'm a mom I really can't wait for "sinterklaas" to arrive, the excitement, happy faces, singing.
5. As a child I hated hiking, now I love it.
6. there is something with number 6, I love the shape, 6-6 is my birthday, my family consists of 6 persons (I have two brothers and a sister).

I tag birdnest, about taste and inspiration, paperseed and handmaid liset.

dinsdag 19 augustus 2008

gift from France

My parents bought me this nice gift, they conquered it at a "marché aux puces". Ribbons, buttons and a sweet little book with felt figures. Now I have to figure out what to make with it.

maandag 18 augustus 2008

a sunny day

a sunny day with family, my father turned 65 and we had a lovely day with sun, 10 little ones running around, sharing icecreams, swimming and ofcourse singing for opa.

vrijdag 15 augustus 2008

blanket for the doll

with two boys we only have one doll among the toys, she has a hard time surviving between all the cars, so I decided she deserves a blanket. I made one out of a fabric I got from my mum. Stije loves it.

woensdag 13 augustus 2008

little bag for brushes

For my sisters birthday I made a folding bag for make up brushes (and mascara, lipgloss etc). I made one myself a year ago and since I am always using it for travelling I thought this should be a good gift for my sister. I hope she likes it. After finishing it I was thinking that I should have made the ribbons out of the lining fabric, next time better.

vrijdag 8 augustus 2008

big brown bag

This weekend we visited good friends in Langweer who came over from the states. With easter, they visited holland as well and we had easter breakfast together, I made eggcovers for the children, so I decided it was time to make something for the mom. This big brown bag is the result, handy for extra luggage.

new colors

yesterday I bought some new colors my day.

maandag 4 augustus 2008

monkey day

Because sunday was a rainy day, we decided to visit Naturalis in Leiden. We wanted to go there for a long time, but never went. It was great! Jilles enjoys books with animals a lot and here he could take a close look to all the animals. They had a game were children could feed the animals with different kind of food, when the animal didn't like the food, they shook their head and when they liked the food offered they opened their mouth, a nice way to teach children what different animals eat. The special exhibition is called like monkeys, like people (zo apen, zo mensen), which was really funny, asspecialy the mask, how simple can it be.

vlijtig gifts

this weekend we had a lovely day with friends (vlijtig), she made us some homemade cookies in a nice bag and a beautiful stamps for Jilles and Stije, which we can use together or separate!
We spend some time on the beach and the kids had a nice ride in the caroussel on the boulevard.

zaterdag 2 augustus 2008


Yes, I made a felt bag with a zipper and lining! I am not so good in placing a zipper correct, but this time it turned out just fine. The lining is made of flannel, I love this material for it's softness.