woensdag 8 juni 2011

do it yourself mom

because jilles is six he gets pocketmoney and he loves it and does really well. he saves up money to buy something. this weekend he went to the toystory with his dad and returned with a revolver, sherrif badge and a holster. but stije was of course a little disappointed that he didn't get to buy something, maybe we should start giving him pocketmoney, but they advise to start with the age of six...any suggestions on this matter are more than welcome.
so I promissed him to make a holster for the wooden revolver he got from sinterklaas. I wanted to pimp it with a felt star, but he didn't have the patience, can't blame him for that. He was so happy with it and they played the whole afternoon chasing each other in the garden.

2 opmerkingen:

vlijtig zei

Bij ons krijgen de dames gewoon allebei evenveel.

Anoniem zei

De oudste geven we zakgeld. Bij de jongste schrijf ik het bedrag op. De oudste kan zelf wat kopen en de jongste krijgt iets uit de 'pot'.