zondag 15 mei 2011


I thought I would have a lot of time, especially since the boys go to school every day, but it's the opposite. despite from making some felt i phone cases for all the very helping people we just met and an extra curtain for stije's room (because of the early sunshine here, the sun comes up at 3.30 a.m.!) I haven't had very much creative space. but no complains, a lot of nice activities. last friday we had a charity market and there was a bake table so I made date cakes for that reason and guess what, they didn't sell. so I bought almost all of them back. I know the date cake doesn't look that attractive, but the taste is really really good. I gave my neighbor a piece and luckily she was very happy with it and loved the taste of it. next time I will also make colorful attractive cupcakes.

5 opmerkingen:

vlijtig zei

Maar ze zien er zo prachtig uit! Ik dacht meteen, zo doe ik dat de volgende keer ook...

Hiskia zei

niet verkocht, maar ze zien er inderdaad helemaal hip & mooi verpakt uit... leuk om te zien hoe het jullie vergaat!

aracne zei

It happened to me, too. Kids (and grown kids) want chocolate chip cookies! So I took home all my blondies...

Pina zei

Oh, a pity! Maybe you should just wrap them differently...

Anoniem zei

They look lovely and I would have loved to have 1 (or 10) may be a cultural thing...us Swedes are massive "date eaters" once a year - at Christmas :)...