donderdag 25 maart 2010

holy bag

liset found me this beautiful maria embroidery. I combined it with some birds and made this bag out of it. Since I sold the last embroidery item instantly from my blog, without even showing it in my webshop, I decided to put this one right away in the shop ;-)

5 opmerkingen:

lisette zei

Ohhh hij is mooi geworden zeg!! Maria komt helemaal top uit. Mooi.

vlijtig zei

Ja heel mooi! Ben benieuwd hoe je zo'n mooie leren band maakt...

Anoniem zei

I love the things you make with vintage embroidery! This is another gorgeous adition!

Tania zei

I'm catching up at your place - real life has been getting in the way. Just a little (LOT) smitten with the Little Mountain People and I can see that bag walking out the door quick sticks!

Daan zei

Prachtig, die vloog de winkel uit!