vrijdag 17 oktober 2008

new blanket

In one month Jilles becomes 4. He is very attached to a blanket I made him when I was pregnant. The fabrics I used for that blanket were very "baby-like". So I asked him if I should make him a new blanket for bigger boys, he was very enthusiastic, but I had to promise him I used the soft fabric (flanel) again for this new blanket. So I did, this is the result. I also made a big bag which he can use for his nightlight and dog, to take with him when he stays over with 'opa' and 'oma'.

2 opmerkingen:

Heidi zei

Ik vind het een geweldige deken! Dat stofje is echt GEWELDIG. Hoe heb je hem gemaakt? is de achterkant ook flanel?

Liefs Heidi

Jacoline (Lien) zei

Heel erg leuk en niets is lekkerder dan een echte knuffeldeken.