maandag 4 augustus 2008

monkey day

Because sunday was a rainy day, we decided to visit Naturalis in Leiden. We wanted to go there for a long time, but never went. It was great! Jilles enjoys books with animals a lot and here he could take a close look to all the animals. They had a game were children could feed the animals with different kind of food, when the animal didn't like the food, they shook their head and when they liked the food offered they opened their mouth, a nice way to teach children what different animals eat. The special exhibition is called like monkeys, like people (zo apen, zo mensen), which was really funny, asspecialy the mask, how simple can it be.

1 opmerking:

lisette zei

Leuk! Ik woon in Leiden, Naturalis is geweldig!!
Je hebt mooie dingen gemaakt, afgelopen week en wat een leuke cadeautjes van vlijtig! Erg leuk vilten tasje en ook 't I-pod hoesje is erg gaaf.
Gefeliciteerd met je award!