donderdag 31 januari 2013


I always get a little stressed when I see all these blogs of mums preparing their child's birthdays months ahead. here I am, only 3 days before my little boy's birthday, thinking what quick solutions I can find to cheer up this day and make me feel less guilty ;-)
I asked him what theme he wanted for his birthday and he first came up with dinosaurs, and this morning changed to animals (in general). but i already made a dino stamp. well dino's are animals as well and we will make it up to him with the party for his friends (which i planned a little further away, to give me some more time ;-))....

I made the felt birthday hat a long time ago, but in a mysterious way i didn't make a six (and we definitely celebrated my oldest 6th birthday)...anyhow, I quickly made it and thought while making it, i also have a 9 now, so no stress for next year ;-)... napkins are also ready, now I only have to bake a cake..

2 opmerkingen:

Daan zei

wat een mooie dino! en dito kroon, dat belooft een mooi feest!

Kamiel Odille zei

Wat knap!