vrijdag 22 april 2011


yes!!...we have arrived in stockholm and we are connected. that really took some time because we needed a social security number, which you need for almost everything. buying a car, getting a phone and connecting to internet....but no complains after two weeks we're finally connected, still no number (a friend arranged the connection for us), so still no car for me, but we will manage. in stockholm the public transportation is really good and we live nearby a train.
a lot of new experiences these past two weeks. we met a lot of new people and even got invited for an easter diner on sunday by swedish people in our street. the neighborhood is very nice, friendly people who made us feel at home right away.
just before we left we organized a saying goodbye party and we enjoyed it very much, it's so good to know we have all these lovely friends...so a lot tissue's were needed on that day.

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Ohhhhhhh spannend!!!!!!!!!! Leuk!