dinsdag 16 november 2010

kitchen princess

I'm not a kitchen princess, never have been and probably never will be. but I like baking and I could use a new apron, so I made this one out of a piece of fabric I printed a long time ago (the piece with the leaves). I didn't use a pattern, but it turned out just fine. I realize the apron has a christmas look, but I didn't mean to do so..

7 opmerkingen:

Tania zei

I tried very hard with the Kitchen Goddess thing. But to no avail. The Mr is a much more convincing Goddess in the Kitchen. Still, your apron looks very convincing. Like you could whip up a Christmas feast in no time flat.

PS. So love your invitations below. I left a comment asking if you minded if I borrowed your balloon idea but don't think it went though. Would you mind?

vlijtig zei

Kek schortje!

lightbluegrey zei

Goede gedaan zeg!

lisette zei

Daar wil je wel mee gaan koken! Helemaal top.

aracne zei

I love the printed fabric, great design and colors!

Heidi zei

Mooie stof! mooi schort! Jammer om vies te maken ;-)

XO Heidi

Anoniem zei

hoi floor, wat een ontzettend leuke, gave keukenschort, daar word ik helemaal vrolijk van :). ontzettend leuk idee met die twee stofjes, superrrr! nou die hapjes nog he? hihi.
groetjes, Nicole