dinsdag 13 juli 2010

for my love

today is my love's birthday and we're celebrating it in france. since he has a new gadget (not that he is such a gadget guy, but he followed a course in switzerland and the textbook was an Ipad, that's much better than taking a dull ring bander home). as a gift I made an Ipad sleeve (i'm starting to get good in making these sleeve things). Hope he likes the embroidery I used for it.

4 opmerkingen:

Mme Zsazsa zei

Oh zo mooi!!

En een keigoed idee, ik heb ook nog van die schilderijen, dit is echt super goed gevonden.

Tania zei

That has to be the most fabulous Ipad or ANYTHING cover!

aracne zei

The embroidery is superb, is it needlework and did you make it?

Daan zei

Zo mooi!