maandag 7 juni 2010

old sweater

A friend gave me a very nice book, cool baby (in dutch). there are a lot of nice tutorials in it for making baby stuff out of old clothes. after cleaning up our closet I found this old sweater (the feabric was still very nice) and made this babypants and hat out of it. It's so nice to give new live to old clothes. I made it for a friend who is expecting a girl. I wonder whether it will fit correctly, I have no clue what size it is, but it looks very suitable.

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vlijtig zei

Toevallig gisteren met dat boek in mijn handen gestaan in de bieb! Mooi projectje. Jammer, dat we niet bij je feestje konden zijn, maar zo te lezen was het een mooie dag!
ps Wat waren jouw keelpijn-tips ook al weer? :-)

Daan zei


Tania zei

This is my most favourite kind of crafty creating! It wins on every level – and it looks MORE than suitable for a new wee person...