zaterdag 24 april 2010

little bear

this is a story about a teddy bear and me being a terrible mom. I needed filling for some felt toys so I decided to use a very large teddy bear the boys haven't played with in years. But as soon as I took the bear and put it in my studio, they started playing with it. When they both were away (this is the most terrible part of this little story!) I cut the bear open and used the filling. the leftover was lying on the ground and the big teddybear eyes were starring at me and I started to feel very guilty...
Then the idea came up to make a playing head out of the bear, the boys loved it. Even Roel was enthusiastic about it. the guilt became a little less, but then jilles started to ask me where he could find the teddy bear...oops. Think I will not do this again.

1 opmerking:

Tante Tee zei

Hahaha, wat ontzettend schattig die berenmuts! En dat koppie eronder mag er ook zijn!

Maar verder vind ik je echt een verschrikkelijke moeder hoor! Hoe kun je nu zomaar een beer van je kids open snijden? ;-)
(maar het brengt me wel op idee├źn, er liggen hier zoveel knuffels in huis die ik wel graag aan hun einde wil helpen...)