zondag 22 november 2009

birthday joy

yesterday Jilles celebrated his birthday with friends from school...our first children's party. wow what an experience with seven little boys...lucky for us the weather was great so we could take them to a playground in the forest. The theme was "zwarte piet" so I made the boys a with collar and gave them a "zwarte pieten" hat. It looked so cute seven little "zwarte pietjes".

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Janina Modaal zei


Tania zei

I think I know that birthday exhausted feeling you must have now! Feet up, cup of tea and bask in the glow of a happy five year old and six other zwarte pietjes! (and 'gefeliciteerd met je verjaarday'* too, Mum!)

* one of the only things I can still write in Dutch but have no doubt misspelt anyway...

Jolijn zei

Wat een lieve pietjes! Leuk hoor!
Zal wel lekker druk geweest zijn...


Jolijn (Design)