dinsdag 17 november 2009

big bag

my mother in law (yes, I'm quite busy with all these mother and mother in law requests ;-))) asked me to make her a large bag. I tried to make something which matches her good. She liked it a lot so I think my mission is completed.
The nice thing about this project is that everything was just right. I had all the materials to make this bag so I didn't have to go and search for parts. I like the way the leather shoulder-strap turned out.

4 opmerkingen:

Janina Modaal zei

En zo chic, met de lederen riem!

Daan zei


Karin zei

Leuk! Geweldig toch dat je je moeder en schoonmoeder op deze manier kan verwennen :-)

MiekK's zei

Heel mooi, leuk zo met die gekleurde binnenkant!