dinsdag 4 augustus 2009


my of theme of last week definitely was washing. Not only because our new washing machine arrived and we had a big pile of dirty clothing, but I also washed all (that also was a big pile!) the embroidery my parents brought me from France (by hand!). It was al lot of work, but now I can sewing!

3 opmerkingen:

Tania zei

Two bits of excitement!
1. Removal of your Mount Washing
2. Some inspired sewing to be getting on with (very curious to see what you get up to with these)

er. word verification is 'curioniz' (really, really curious).

Tolliez zei

Wow, a bit jealous I am... And it's not the pile of washing...

lisette zei

Ohhh ik ben zooo benieuwd wat voor een moois je gaat maken..