vrijdag 26 juni 2009

corsage tutorial

This is my first attempt on making a tutorial...as I promised I would make a tutorial of the flowercorsage. I used a japanese crafting book, but changed the pattern a little bit. It was more difficult to make a tutorial, as specially when I consider the making of the corsage itself is far more easy. But here we go...

You need four pieces of felt (2 times 8x10 cm and 2 times 8x15 cm). Fold those pieces and cut it in every 0,5 cm until 1 cm from the edge. For the back part of the corsage you need 2 pieces of round felt, diameter 6 cm and a piece of cardboard diameter 5,5 cm. and of course thread, a safety pin and a little piece of felt to attach the safety pin on the back. first apply the larger pieces (15 cm) of felt to the background and then the smallest pieces (10 cm), of which the last piece is rolled up and stitched before applying to the corsage. Hope the pictures will explain the rest...if not just ask me so I can explain it better...have a flowery day!

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Janina Modaal zei

Waaw, ik vind het echt heel mooi!
Ik probeer het deze zomer zeker eens!

Merci voor de handleiding!

Knofje zei

O, tof! Bedankt voor de uitleg.

lisette zei

Ohh dat ziet er goed uit! En toppe uitleg hoor! Met foto's en al! Wat wil een mens nog meer! Dank je wel.

Tania zei

What a winner of a gift idea! Thank you for your tutorial generosity...

I just awarded you A Lovely Blog thingy. You don't have to do anything about it, unless you would like to play and nominate 15 others (follow the 'rules' link). I just wanted to say that I think you have a lovely place around here!


Peta @ Pippiwillow zei

Hello, I've just had wonderful journey along your blog it is lovely. I love using felt too. Peta


ooh these is gorgeous! thanks for the tute

'T atelier zei

Heel erg leuk beankt hoor!!

Linda zei

ik vind 'm súper en ben meteen aan de slag gegaan! Heb alleen de knipjes wat breder gemaakt, iets grover zeg maar.Én een kraal in 't midden. ben helemaal heppie!! waar had je dit ontwerp vandaan? een boekje? kan ik die ergens bestellen?