maandag 3 november 2008

new treasure from france

My parents suprised me again with new things they found at the "marché aux puces". Really fantastic, now I have to figure out what to make out of it. Even Stije and Jilles were enthusiastic about the tapestry.

3 opmerkingen:

vlijtig zei

You could put them close together on the wall in your 'atelier', instead of making something out of it. They're pretty enough.

Anoniem zei

We spent half a day in finding these nice embroderies with which you can make a fortune in making the right things. So it would be a pity not using them for greater things.

Ballee zei

Mooi! Wat lief zulke ouders! Net je blog gevonden (door de blog van Vlijtig), en je maakt mooie dingen (en mooie foto's!)