woensdag 5 november 2008

finally made the pattern

I got the pattern for this fabric basket from vlijtig and finally made it, I find it hard to fit the innerpart to the outerpart, but I'm sattisfied with the result. I stuffed it with some sinterklaas candy (how irressistible this time of year!). It's also a gift for our friends in the states. I bought the fabric in the US in a webshop and now I'm taking it al the way back, funny how things can go.

3 opmerkingen:

Pina zei

I love these baskets, I made one myself quite some time ago. I had the same problems like you - how to fit inner basket into outer one perfectly. I think it is important to make the inner one slightly smaller. And I was amazed how little fabric I actually needed for making one.

josephine219 zei

Hoera! Ik heb jouw blog gevonden; zie er allerlei bekende zaken op, maar nog meer nieuwe. Wat ben je toch een kreatief mens!

mikodesign zei

ziet er super uit, ik ga het patroon ook binnekort uit proberen!