donderdag 25 september 2008

Oh so lucky

or's been a while since I published on my blog, but other things kept me busy. We had two funerals in one week, I had an ear infection (which still isn't over) during our holiday, our computer had an unwelcome virus (that's why I still can't download new pictures) and if that isn't enough our washing machine just broke down, and with two little boys I can tell that is a little disaster. To cheer up this message (and myself) a little I used pictures from our holiday last summer.

4 opmerkingen:

Pina zei

I hope next week will be better for you! :)

Erna zei

Ow that's not so good news...hope you'll feel better soon and have some time to being crafty...that'll help too!

Heidi zei

Jeetje wat een week! Veel kracht en blijf geloven in de zon achter de wolken he! Vind je foto's ontroerend!

Liefs Heidi

lisette zei

Nou dat is allemaal niet fijn nee.. Balen!! Alles tegelijk! Veel sterkte.