zaterdag 19 juli 2008

finally finished

Because patterns are not my thing it took me a while to make these felt slippers. I got this ready-to-make parcel from a friend. I really like the slippers but wanted to make them more me, therefore I changed the design on the slippers. To my surprise they are quite comfortable.

5 opmerkingen:

Erna zei

absolutely adorable slippers!!

vlijtig zei

They look lovely and comfortable!

lisette zei

Ooohhh!! WAUW!! Absolutly gorgeous! Realy awesome... I like them a lot! Pretty design and great colours.

Anoniem zei

leuk geworden! Had ik die niet een keertje gekocht omdat je zo vlijtig was geworden tijdens je zwangerschap van Jilles??

Leuk blog! liefs Ameike

SonjaaP & Tristan! zei

Mooie schoentjes! Sowieso mooie productjes die jezo laat zien! En dat in 1 maand... Groetjes, Jaap